Composite images – What they are and how are they done?

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Composite images – What they are and how are they done?

You may or may have heard the term ‘It’s a composite’ but what does that mean? A composite Image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into one.

The Frog Pose…
Probably my clients favourite pose and my most requested. However, it is very important that you are aware that this pose, must ALWAYS be done as a composite. Although it may appear that the baby is balancing in this position, there is no way a baby can safely support their head like this. All it would take is for the baby to flinch slightly and this could cause serious damage. Therefore hands must always be on baby supporting AT ALL TIMES. Always ensure this pose is done as a composite image.

I have undergone extensive newborn training with the very best in the UK to ensure I have the necessary skills to pose babies in this position. Also, I am highly proficient in photoshop to allow me to merge these images together to create one beautiful and flawless image.

Below are examples of how the frog pose is created. You will see how my hands are positioned and how baby is completed relaxed both images (the frog position is one of the most comfortable for baby!)

Newborn baby photography essex

I am a proud member of The Newborn and Baby Photography Network who prides themselves on newborn safety – Check if your chosen photographer is a member too

Digital Composites… Is that baby really on a swing? In an egg?
The answer is no. Again mainly due to safety reasons, I would much prefer to photograph a baby in safe way and create a composite, then risk the babies safety at any point.

There are many amazing digital composites to choose from nowadays (too many to choose from)

The trick is to try and replicate the background of the digital while you’re taking the image, so when you merge the two images together, it looks more believable.

Here are a few examples of composites:

Newborn baby photography essex
Newborn baby photography essex
Newborn baby photography essex

I always include digital composites in my newborn galleries, they add variety and fun and are very unique.

A fellow photographer Claire Butler, from Claire Butler Photography based in Ballynahinch, Co.Down is brilliant with digital composites. Claire takes digital composites to the next level and creates them from scratch from picking beautiful flowers grown from her own garden!

These wonderful and unique designs can be purchased through her etsy shop.

If you are looking for a Baby Photography in Hillsborough, make sure you get in touch with her info@clairebutler


  1. Joanne

    These are so beautiful Jay 

    • admin

      Thank you Joanne

  2. Sharon Nicholson

    Newborn safety is so important, this is a really good blog explaining how some of these images actually come together.

    • admin

      Is is so important, thank you for taking the time to read it Sharon

  3. Claire

    Jay thank you so much for the mention. Your work is exceptional. I still haven’t attempted froggy and I may have to book a flight over to get shown by the master froggy poser! 

    • admin

      Ha ha! Your very kind and your so welcome! I still can’t believe you make those amazing digital designs from your own flowers.

  4. Lauren

    This is fascinating! It’s great to see how you pull these off and your images are absolutely beautiful x 

    • admin

      Thank you so much Lauren

  5. Andrea Bradley

    So clever and beautiful x

    • admin

      Thank you so much Andrea

  6. Jill

    Gosh you are SO clever!! These are beautiful and its so important you take the time to explain how its done. Safely! Beautiful 

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you so much Jill

  7. Tianna

    Great education for parents to see the safety side and creative side. Beautiful.

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you so much Tianna

  8. Lisa

    It’s so cleaver how you do that and reassuring to know you take safety so seriously. Baby is in safe hands 

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you Lisa and yes your right, safety first – always


    Wonderful! Really clever and such gorgeous images. Clever lady. 😀

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you so much Maddy – it means a lot coming from the lady who has trained me!

  10. Nataliemoss

    Interesting read. Great to see how you do composites 

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you so much and for taking the time to read it

  11. Louise Ferguson

    I love these. You have really inspired me to do more composites!

    • Jay Saunders

      Thank you Louise. Thats great, they can be an amazing addition to galleries.

  12. Brooke

    This is so interesting! Absolutely love the results!!!

  13. Carli

    Wow, this is so interesting and so important to know when you are picking your newborn photographer x



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