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Composite images – What they are and how are they done?

Composite images – What they are and how are they done? You may or may have heard the term ‘It’s a composite’ but what does that mean? A composite Image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into one. The Frog Pose… Probably my clients favourite pose and my…

  • Joanne - These are so beautiful Jay ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Nicholson - Newborn safety is so important, this is a really good blog explaining how some of these images actually come together.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Is is so important, thank you for taking the time to read it SharonReplyCancel

  • Claire - Jay thank you so much for the mention. Your work is exceptional. I still haven’t attempted froggy and I may have to book a flight over to get shown by the master froggy poser! ReplyCancel

    • admin - Ha ha! Your very kind and your so welcome! I still can’t believe you make those amazing digital designs from your own flowers.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - This is fascinating! It’s great to see how you pull these off and your images are absolutely beautiful x ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Bradley - So clever and beautiful xReplyCancel

  • Jill - Gosh you are SO clever!! These are beautiful and its so important you take the time to explain how its done. Safely! Beautiful ReplyCancel

  • Tianna - Great education for parents to see the safety side and creative side. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - It’s so cleaver how you do that and reassuring to know you take safety so seriously. Baby is in safe hands ReplyCancel

    • Jay Saunders - Thank you Lisa and yes your right, safety first – alwaysReplyCancel

  • MADELEINE ROGERS - Wonderful! Really clever and such gorgeous images. Clever lady. 😀ReplyCancel

    • Jay Saunders - Thank you so much Maddy – it means a lot coming from the lady who has trained me!ReplyCancel

  • Nataliemoss - Interesting read. Great to see how you do composites ReplyCancel

    • Jay Saunders - Thank you so much and for taking the time to read itReplyCancel

  • Louise Ferguson - I love these. You have really inspired me to do more composites!ReplyCancel

    • Jay Saunders - Thank you Louise. Thats great, they can be an amazing addition to galleries.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - This is so interesting! Absolutely love the results!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carli - Wow, this is so interesting and so important to know when you are picking your newborn photographer xReplyCancel

What happens next? After your Newborn Photoshoot Essex

AFTER YOUR NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT ESSEX… Hopefully you will leave the studio, well rested with a calm and relaxed baby. Most people think my work is done, but the shoot is only just the beginning. And the hard work just begins. I will download all your images onto my computer (back up ALL files, including RAW…

  • Amy biggar - Wow you are so talented! Your images are incredible!ReplyCancel

    • admin - That’s really kind. Thank you so much AmyReplyCancel

  • Hannah - Wow! That’s amazing how you do that! Gorgeous work ❤️ReplyCancel

What happens during a newborn session? Newborn Photographer Essex

Jay Saunders Photography, Newborn Photographer Essex As a newborn photographer in Essex, I am often asked, what does a newborn session actually involve? How long does the session take, an hour? Surely it’s just click click click? Eeerrrr kinda. Therefore, I thought I would take this opportunity to explain in more detail, what goes on…

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