Top tips for settling a Newborn

Top tips for settling a Newborn…. From a Newborn Photographer Essex

I am often asked how on earth do I settle babies the way I do and no it’s not magic, us newborn photographers have a tricks up our sleeve, so I thought I would share with you…

2. White noise.

This being very common… Most people use it in some way, whether you have an app yourself or even use Shhh the good ol fashioned way.

  • I use an app called ‘Sound Sleeper‘ its brilliant and free for up to 90 minutes.
  • Baby Shusher – does what it says on the tin… And does the job


2. Motion/ Movement

  • Simple patting on their bums
  • lulls-vibe vibrating pad. Its soft so you can rest it directly on baby or under them (with supervision)
Newborn Photographer Essex


3. Heat

  • The room in the studio is always warm, so make sure your little one is nice and cosy


4. Feed

  • Don’t mean to state the obvoius, but babies always have a full stomach when they arrive with me, so this always helps


5. If all else fails – Wrap/ Swaddle

  • Sometimes some babies just don’t like to be naked and prefer to be wrapped. When awake they can move their arms and legs around and this can sometimes startle them and wake them up. Being wrapped up nice and secure, always sends them into a very nice sleep



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