What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag…

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Firstly the bag itself…

  • Choose a Hospital/Changing bag with plenty of handy and practical compartments. These will be perfect for you and your baby’s essentials.
  • It is recommended that you should have your bag ready from 36 weeks.
  • Don’t pack too much… Mainly because there is limited space in maternity wards so you don’t want to cram it with bags and suitcases. Mixing practical items with a few home comforts can help make you feel ready for your baby’s birth.
  • Most women don’t stay in hospital for very long after they’ve given birth, so try not to go overboard when packing baby clothes.
You can use any kind of bag you want, from a rucksack to a small suitcase.

For Mum

  • Birth Plan
  • Hospital Notes
  • Nursing Bras
  • Nursing Pads
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nightie and Dressing Gown
  • Nursing Tops and Vests
  • Change of Clothes
  • Change of Underwear
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Tens Machine
  • Breast Feeding Pillow
  • Lipbalm
  • Hairbands
  • Extra drinks and food
  • iPod/MP3 player
  • Phone and Charger

For Baby

  • 3 x Sleepsuits
  • 2 x Bodysuits
  • 2 x pairs of Scratch Mitts
  • Cotton Baby Hat
  • Muslin squares (I love John Lewis ones, they wash up really well and are very soft)
  • 8 x nappies
  • Cotton Wool
  • Gentle Baby Wipes (Water wipes are amazing)
  • Baby Blanket
  • Going Home Outfit
  • Baby Car Seat

For Dad/Birthing Partner

  • Change of Clothes
  • Pillow & Blanket (if your feeling kind)
  • Coins for parking/vending machines

Newborn Photographer Essex

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